- a new way of doing business in developed medtech markets 




Medivatus is a new and innovative contract service organization, specializing in the medical technology space.


Our specialist arena is the Northern European medical device markets of Scandinavia, UK and the Baltics.

Medivatus is in the process of opening its sales channel serving a second region, the GCC countries




Our Vision


To provide smaller medical device companies with the optimal sales channels to succeed when entering in these exciting but challenging new markets.


To always strive to help our common societal cause of offering ever improved healthcare, to an ever-increasing population, with ever diminishing financial resources.



We work with companies already established companies to increase their profitability to increase their profitability, commercial agility and flexibility, by looking at alternative sales channels and setting up variable cost structures.

Together, we help ensure that any new entrants to the market can participate cost-effectively, importantly increasing competition in stifled markets, and ultimately providing our customers with real value gains.


Medivatus´ focus is to help medical device companies meet the now widely acknowledged need to transform the traditional medtech commercial model.


Facing the twin pressures of contracting prices and shifting decision makers, combined with public tendering and full e-commerce, companies are rethinking the way they operate.


We partner with innovative SME´s looking for new ways of doing business in our region.

Our Focus

Our business 

For innovative device companies wanting to change their existing strategy in the region, Medivatus will help sculpt a new commercial strategy by developing outsourced services:


Contract sales

Sales management and coaching




For innovative device companies looking to enter the our markets cost-effectively, Medivatus will help by providing:


local expertise in conducting business with public hospitals (tender processes, e-trade and infrastructure, etc.)

a highly cost-effective model for testing the market before committing to significant investment

flexible and low-cost infrastructure once the company decides to establish locally

EDI structure meeting the new strict requirements for public tender contracts


This will allow our customers to benefit from a flexible and variable cost-structure specifically tailored to their need.

Our Services

Business Development Service

With our specialist industry knowledge we can assist manufacturers choosing the best approach to enter our markets cost-effectively. For existing companies, we will look at ways to outsource certain functions to set up a variable, lower cost set-up. The service includes, but is not limited to, market analysis, finance management, sales team management and development, HR and talent acquisition, coaching and leadership.

Outsourced Sales Service

Together we decide the optimal sales channel and best organizational setup to introduce your company and products to the right decision makers. This may be independent sales agents, our own sales team, or a hybrid model. When the business is well-established, the sales organization can be transitioned to a direct operation if desired. The intent is to be as lean and agile as possible by offering a variable cost structure.


With Medivatus´ bOffice concept, all back office processes are optimized from the start utilizing Cloud software and EDI. Our BPO service employs a regionalized back-office and customer service set-up allowing for efficiency gains for our customers. The local language services, Scandinavian and English, comply to all national V.A.T. and accounting regulations.

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Experience... and a new way of thinking.


Medivatus is a new, innovative company founded by individuals with decades of combined experience in the European medical device industry.  


We believe that to effectively tackle the unsustainably high cost levels in the industry today, it is paramount to change the outdated distributor model in play today.


Medivatus works with medical device companies to adopt an alternative and lean commercial concept, allowing them to compete effectively in our markets. 


Gareth Martin




Gareth has 20 years experience in medical device companies in the UK and Scandinavia, from sales & marketing to general management. Gareth believes passionately that there are huge opportunities for SMB´s despite the high cost level and entry barriers in the region

Team behind Medivatus

Helle Eriksen




Helle has 25 years experience from the MedTech industry. 10 of these as Customer Support and logistic manager. Helle is a focused person and very detail oriented. She is strong in data discipline and provides a high service level – everything that is extremely important in our business.

Øyvind Carlsvig




Øyvind has over 16 years experience as CFO, FD & project manager from international orthopaedic and rehab companies. Øyvind is passionate about making all business processes as simple, lean and cost-effective as possible by employing latest information technology systems

Kristina Slot Jensen




Kristina has a medical background and more than 20 years of experience from the MedTech Industry. Kristina has been working as Sales Manager internationally, driving strategic orientation and growth in cooperation with local distributors and affiliates.  Kristina is passionate about Innovation and is committed to find the right solution for our Customers.



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