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Your future partner to reach the Norwegian market

Unlock the potential of the Norwegian medical device market, with Medivatus as your strategic partner. For suppliers of medical-technical equipment, expanding into new territories is not only an opportunity for growth, but also a chance for your innovations to make a significant, positive impact on the lives of patients – driving our healthcare forward. In this article, we will guide you through the key considerations for choosing Medivatus as your sales partner in Norway.

Validus Engros and Medivatus consolidated into one compony on Desember 1st, 2023. The combined company will fulfill Validus' role as a distributor and wholesaler of health products, bandages and pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, it will enchance Medivatus' commitment as a value-adding, and independent, medtech supplier to the Norwegian market, and beyond.

The company is expected to have a turnover of 500 million NOK in 2023. Operating under the slogan"What if there's a smarter way", we prioritize innovation enterpreneurial spirit, and a continuous pursuit of better solutions.

To successfully launch new medtech products in the Nordics, it is crucial to choose a local, country specific distributor and sales channel partner who knows the market well. Take a moment to explore what we can offer you, and why it really matters.

Medivatus - thinking globally, acting locally

Ensuring compliance with local procedures and regulations

Navigating the complex landscap of public tenders in Norway requires and understanding of th lokal procedures and regulations. Medivatus has vast experience in successfully guiding suppliers through these processes - either for you, or with you. Our expertise and flexibility ensure full compliance, making your entry into the market smoother and much more efficient.

Assistance in entering public tenders

Success in tenders is the first step to launch your medtec equipment in Norway - and in the Scandinavian market at large. Achieving this is most often a time and resource draining process, requiring patience and planning. Medivatus has a successful track record in winning public tenders and in-sourcing assignments.

Access to a broad network and know-how

Medivatus is not just a distributor; we are also a reliable partner with a vast supplier network and strong customer access. Our commitment to a safe, equitable, and sustainable healthcare service guides us, and is evident in our efficient route-to-market strategies. With flexible sales channels, we empower suppliers to grow in the chosen markets both rapidly and cost-effectively.

Identifying the right healtcare partners

Medivatus goes beyond conventional approaches. Through in-depth analysis of value chain, from foreign suppliers to hospitals, and throug public procurement plans, we identify new products that add real value to healthcare. We do this by delivering equivalent products at a lower price, or by offering innovative products with a documented history of better outcomes for patients.

Your gain is our North Star

Medivatus is committed to align with your goals. Additionally, we strogly belive in transparency and a direct approach. By understanding your expertise and strategic goals, we navigate potential pitfalls and seize opportunities, ensuring a mutually beneficial commercial partnership. We leverage our 60 years of logistics experience, infrastructure, operational efficiency, and high trained resources to build successful collaborations. Your success is our success.

Why choose Medivatus?

Are you a medtech manufacturer looking to launch your products in the Norwegian market? 

Medivatus is the best choice for you and here are som reasons why:

  • Proven concepts - Benefit from our experience in successfully navigating the Norwegian healthcare market.
  • Flexible - Key into our broad network and extensive market experience for a cost-effective market penetration, with the most suitable sales model.
  • Effective delivery - Leverage our centrally located 5400-square meter warehouse and our 60 years of logistics expertise, for supply gurantee your valuable customers.
  • Support - You will be in a partnership with a team truly dedicated to help you achieve your commercial goals in the Norwegian market.

Choose Medivatus - your gateway to the Norwegian medical technology market!

Gareth Martin
Gareth Martin
Head Business Development
Min side