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Ortolog Medical

About Ortolgo Medical

Ortolog Medical was founded in 2017 in Ankara, Turkey. Their priciples are to develop and design their own products that are beneficial to human health. Ortolog Medical implants will enable patients to quickly return to a painless post-surgery, healthy lifestyle, whilst respecting bone and soft tissue status by innovative design.

Ortolog Medical is a device manufacture that prioritizes patient's health with a mission to stand out with high-quality, self-designed, and user-friendly products. We employ the very latest medical technology in our own manufacturing facility.

The importance we place on quality and user-friendly features in our products reflects our goal of delivering the most effective design solutions in the orthopaedic sector.

Gareth Martin
Gareth Martin
Head of Business Development

Ortolog Medical - orthopaedics products:

  • Ortholux® UHMWPE Cerclage Band Systems
  • Ortholux® UHMWPE AC Joint Internal Bracing System
  • Ortholux® Locking Periprosthetic Support Cable-Plate Systems
  • Ortholux® Titanium Screw Systems

Gareth is here to help you!

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